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State of washington d.e.i. summit

January 2019

CNN Interview on Fox news Islamaphobic Comments

March 2019

Years ago, as a Muslim American man, Mansoor Shams decided to join the U.S. Marine Corps: to fulfill his duties to both his country and his faith. What conflict of interest?

He's not the only one. Countless other Muslim men and women have served, and continue to serve, in our armed forces, willing to lay down their lives for the nation they love and call home: America. That's why we're highlighting their powerful stories here.


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“It doesn’t matter what race, color, ethnicity you come from. If you live in this country you have an obligation to serve this country – it doesn’t matter if you’re Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu, Sikh.”
— Sergeant Harris Khan, U.S. Army

Muslims in the u.s. military:

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