Speaking at Marine Corps University

Today I had the honor to address somewhere between 150-200 senior Enlisted/Officer Marines at Marine Corps University Quantico. These Marines, or shall I say, warriors, “literally” serve (in some way or another) as commanders and/or decision-makers to thousands of Marines under there leadership. Though this was my second visit to Marine Corps Base Quantico, this time it was extremely special, as I had the distinct honor to address a very prestigious crowd of Marines.

I recall as I was ready to get on my way back to Baltimore right after the speech, the President of Marine Corps University, General William Bowers — a man who I’ve especially come to admire and love, and the reason why I was here today at this very special event as his “VIP guest,” looked to me and says, “looks like we’ll probably be seeing you back again.” Hope so General! 

Thank you for having me!