Scott cooper

Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps (Ret.) 


“Mansoor is a brother in every sense of the word. A fellow Marine Corps veteran with whom I served, but more importantly an American who is the best of citizens - one who is earnest striving to break down barriers, to bridge divides, and to leave this county a little better than he found it.”


Michael Trudeau

Sonar Technician Second Class, USN


“As a US Navy Veteran, I stand with Mansoor because he embodies the principles laid out in the first amendment; the freedom of speech, religion, and assembly.  His love of country, and the principles for which it stand, is unmatched.”

Christian Bellavia 

Captain, US Army

2012 - present

“As a US Army Veteran, I fully support Mansoor’s work, because I know how committed he is to both helping Afghan and Iraq interpreters and to countering Islamaphobia across the US.”


Gretchen Klingler

Senior Airmen, US Air Force


“As a US Air Force Veteran, I have been watching Mansoor’s work as a leader at VFAI and He is truly a stand out individual who, like numerous other Muslim service members, is proud of his faith and his service to our country.  His story is compelling and his willingness to reach out is admirable and important in the current social climate we are witnessing in our country.  Like other Muslim individuals I have served with, both in the U.S. military and in foreign militaries, Mansoor inspires me to work hard and stand up for what I believe in.  His dedication to educating the public on his experiences as a Muslim and a Marine are exactly what we need to help change the narrative around Islam in the United States.  I look forward to continuing to work with Mansoor through Veterans for American Ideas as we advocate for Afghan interpreters still waiting on their visas to arrive safely in America, away from the threats of the organizations they fought and protected American troops against in their own country.”

“As a US Marine Veteran, I personally know Mansoor and have been incredibly impressed by his work with VFAI and  Mansoor takes what can be an incredibly sensitive topic and builds bridges with respectful discussion.  His message is one of dignity and patriotism and I am proud to work with him.”


Jessica Bell

Major, US Marine Corps

2003-2011 Active Duty

2011 - US Marine Corps Reserves

“As a US Army Veteran, I stand with Mansoor because it is important for US civilians make that visual and human connection with military personnel and veterans who may not share their same cultural and religious identity. That Muslims are part of the microcosm of the US public who felt the call to serve their country and fight for and alongside their fellow citizens is a message that helps break down walls and barriers to bring us closer together as a unified citizenry.”

Wendy Wheeler

Captain, US Army

2007-2011 - Active Duty

2014 - Present - US Army Reserves


Colin Raunig



“As a US Navy Veteran I stand with Mansoor because he, as a Muslim-American, is living proof that Muslim values are American values. He served America as a Marine, and continues to do so as an engaged citizen. Mansoor’s work is a reminder to us home and abroad that there is more that unites us than divides us.”

“I’m a U.S. Army veteran and I support Mansoor’s work because we need to know that there’s more that unites us than divides us.”

Chris Purdy

Sergeant, US Army


“As a US Marine Veteran, I personally know Mansoor and can attest to his work as a leader at VFAI and through He was compelled to serve this country by his faith and his citizenship- ideals which every American holds dear. I consider him a brother not only because we served together in uniform, but because we continue to serve those ideals after we took that uniform off.”

Joe Jenkins

Sergeant, US Marine Corps


“As a US Army Vet, fully support Mansoor’s work because now more than ever, we need to dispel harmful stereotypes and misconceptions about who we are as a country, and why the values we were taught in the military were, that no matter who you are, where you come from, or what god you pray to, service to country trumps all of that.”

Travis Weiner

Sergeant, US Army


As a US Air Force veteran, I stand by Mansoor’s work to bring unity to our divided country. His tireless efforts to support American ideals and combat Islamophobia are truly inspiring.  

Steve Schrader,

Colonel, US Air Force


He always stands up for his beliefs and is representative of the best our country has to offer. He is a leader in his community as well as within the VFAI to mentor those around him to become their best. Mansoor is a fantastic leader and role model who doesn’t shrink away when the going gets tough. 

Joe O’Brien

Sgt, US Marine Corps