Speaking at the NSA Headquarters

Today I had the privilege and honor to speak at the National Security Agency (NSA). My day started with being picked up at my home by a NSA representative and then driven to the Agency’s Headquarters in Fort Meade, MD. After some meet and greets, a photo op and lunch, I took to the stage to address over 100 NSA employees. The Deputy Director, Executive Director and Chief of Staff of the agency were a just few of the many participants present.

Because of security reasons, I wasn’t permitted to take my phone on site so the only picture for now is the one prior to our departure to the NSA Headquarters. I’ll of course add the ones from the event once they come in.

It was a wonderful experience to be inside one of the Nations most secure places and also meet with the extremely professional and dedicated staff. Hope to be back again one day soon! 

image1 (3).jpeg