Speaking at Washington State’s Annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit

It was really a true privilege and honor to be selected by the State of Washington to present my “Unifying People Through Conversation” presentation to the hundreds of state employees at the Washington State’s Annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit. As I delivered two separate 75 minute long sessions, I was amazed to see the level of interest and engagement by the participants. 

I was extremely grateful to the State of Washington and its leadership for taking the lead in organizing an event of this high caliber. The fact is, the more conversations, the more dialogue, and the more informed we are, the more unified we will all be as a people! #Diversity #Inclusion #Equity

“The 2019 Washington State Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit was honored to have Mansoor present two sessions. Mansoor is incredibly knowledgeable, teaches about being a Muslim and the misconceptions that go along with it, and ensures that he is always coming from a place of learning, understanding and heart. If you ever want to learn more from someone that as served in the US military and represents his faith so very well, Mansoor is the person to have in front of the room!”

Marika Barto