Bringing my message to Wisconsin and Illinois

This month I hit to road to meet locals in two more states, bringing my grand total to 13 of 50 states. Slowly but surely, I'm getting there!

Here are a few photos of me in Milwaukee on July 12.

The day before that, I headed to downtown Chicago to meet some folks and change some minds. And while in the Windy City, I spoke at the Roosevelt University.

Bringing my message to New York City and Baltimore

Recently, a news crew from PBS Newshour joined me on a trip into Baltimore's Inner Harbor, where I met passersby on the street with my "I'm a Muslim and a U.S. Marine, Ask Anything" sign. You can watch PBS's video about my work here.


Last week I also had the opportunity to travel to New York City, where I took my sign downtown. A team from BuzzFeed joined me there – watch their video here.

Making these trips to meet real Americans on the ground has been such a rewarding and educational experience. I'm planning to make similar trips to D.C. and Philadelphia shortly – stay tuned for updates!

Bringing my message to Portland and Seattle

Earlier this month I spent some time in Houston and Denver, as part of a quasi-tour I'm doing across the country while carrying a sign reading "I'm Muslim and a Marine. Ask anything." Over the past couple of days I had the opportunity to spend some time and spread some love in the beautiful cities of Portland, Oregon...

...and Seattle!

It was such an amazing experience to meet and interact with you all there. I learned so much, and can only hope you took just as much away from our encounters, too.

I'm back at home on the East Coast now. Insha'Allah – God willing – I plan to hit the downtown Baltimore and New York City this week! If you're in the area then, keep an eye on my Twitter feed. I'll be updating you all with more information there.

Bringing my message to Houston & Denver

For the past week or so I've been doing some traveling around the country. While in Houston and Denver, I decided to take to the streets with a sign reading "I'm a Muslim U.S. Marine. Ask anything." I was joined by my good friend Harris Zafar, the author of Demystifying Islam.

You can watch a live Periscope of our work in Houston here.

You can watch a live Periscope of our work in Denver here.


This was totally unlike anything I've done before, whether it's here in Baltimore or virtually via Periscope. I've been so moved by the reactions and responses of the people I meet on the ground that I'm considering branching out for a full U.S. tour. (I spoke about that a little on my interview with NPR today – you can listen to that here.) So if you're interested in collaborating with me in your city, university, place of worship or organization, please reach out to me. Let's work together.