Bringing my message to Houston & Denver

For the past week or so I've been doing some traveling around the country. While in Houston and Denver, I decided to take to the streets with a sign reading "I'm a Muslim U.S. Marine. Ask anything." I was joined by my good friend Harris Zafar, the author of Demystifying Islam.

You can watch a live Periscope of our work in Houston here.

You can watch a live Periscope of our work in Denver here.


This was totally unlike anything I've done before, whether it's here in Baltimore or virtually via Periscope. I've been so moved by the reactions and responses of the people I meet on the ground that I'm considering branching out for a full U.S. tour. (I spoke about that a little on my interview with NPR today – you can listen to that here.) So if you're interested in collaborating with me in your city, university, place of worship or organization, please reach out to me. Let's work together.