Speaking at the JHU Carey Business School

It’s always been an honor for me to use my unique platform of “Muslim” and “Marine” to educate the masses. But to be invited to deliver a presentation at your alma mater (Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School) was especially meaningful. The sold-out event facilitated by the Diversity and Inclusion Committee comprised of Hopkins faculty and staff. Two of my former professors were also present!

Here’s what one of the participants had to say:

“I enjoyed your presentation yesterday at the JHU Carey Business School. Islam is such a beautiful faith and what a wonderful way to introduce the faith to others in a fun, informative and engaging platform. It was especially nice for me when you played the prayer chant.”

Speaking at Washington State’s Annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit

It was really a true privilege and honor to be selected by the State of Washington to present my “Unifying People Through Conversation” presentation to the hundreds of state employees at the Washington State’s Annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Summit. As I delivered two separate 75 minute long sessions, I was amazed to see the level of interest and engagement by the participants. 

I was extremely grateful to the State of Washington and its leadership for taking the lead in organizing an event of this high caliber. The fact is, the more conversations, the more dialogue, and the more informed we are, the more unified we will all be as a people! #Diversity #Inclusion #Equity

Speaking at New York Law School

Today, I had the honor and privilege to be invited by the New York State Division of Veterans Affairs to make an address at their Human Rights Conference at New York Law School. I spoke of my experience as a “MuslimMarine” providing my insight and thoughts to the audience. I talked of the importance of staying true to that famous creed, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” My message of inclusion resonated well!

Also, had the cool honor to hang out with my fellow brother Veteran Kristofer Goldsmith of High Ground Veterans Advocacy as well as with the President of the ACLU, Susan Herman who delivered the keynote — awesome woman by the way!

Speaking at the University of California, Berkeley

This week Ori Brafman, the author of General Dempsey’s “Radical Inclusion,” invited me to come to California to speak at the Strategic Broadening Seminar, United States Army at UC Berkeley Extension. It was an honor to be included as a speaker/instructor as part of such an important program. It was a wonderful opportunity to share my many insights and experiences as a proud Muslim American US Marine with the active US Army members who participated. In addition, I also shared some of the experiences from the recent, and very powerful “29/29 Ramadan Initiative” which has garnered nationwide attention.

Speaking at Marine Corps University

Today I had the honor to address somewhere between 150-200 senior Enlisted/Officer Marines at Marine Corps University Quantico. These Marines, or shall I say, warriors, “literally” serve (in some way or another) as commanders and/or decision-makers to thousands of Marines under there leadership. Though this was my second visit to Marine Corps Base Quantico, this time it was extremely special, as I had the distinct honor to address a very prestigious crowd of Marines.

I recall as I was ready to get on my way back to Baltimore right after the speech, the President of Marine Corps University, General William Bowers — a man who I’ve especially come to admire and love, and the reason why I was here today at this very special event as his “VIP guest,” looked to me and says, “looks like we’ll probably be seeing you back again.” Hope so General! 

Thank you for having me!

Speaking to Marines

Today I had the honor and opportunity to address 70+ Marines. I shared with them my concerns as well as my thoughts on how we can all play a part in living up to the Marine Corps values of honor, courage and commitment. We talked about improvements the US Marine Corps could make to better reasonably accommodate future Muslim Marine’s so practicing of faith would never be an issue. I also addressed some of the questions as well as the challenges Marine Recruiters face in the 2017 area when it comes to recruiting Muslim candidates! All in all it was awesome to be amongst so many Marines!

Speaking at Westminster College

This Wednesday I gave a talk at Westminster College in Missouri! Initially I had some concerns with going, considering some of the decisions the local government had recently made, but I'm glad I went! I had good dialogue with students and staff alike, who came away with a new understanding of Islam. KOMU 8 local news also covered my talk, you can check out their article here!

Speaking at Welcoming Interactive in Atlanta

I headed down to Atlanta to speak about my travels across the U.S., and how to bring about tolerance in a time of polarization, at Welcoming America's Welcoming Interactive conference.

I spoke before an audience of about 200 local government and nonprofit professions who are concerned about issues related to anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim and white supremacist rhetoric and legislation. 

Speaking at Johns Hopkins University


This week I had the opportunity to return to the campus of Johns Hopkins University, where I completed my MA/MBA years ago, to kick off the Bloomberg School of Public Health's incredibly important new "Understanding American Muslims" seminar.

If you're in the area, I urge you to support this timely new endeavor. If you're not, don't worry – they livestreamed Wednesday's event, so you can watch this seminar series from anywhere.

You can read more about it here:

Mansoor Shams, a Muslim American veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, invited his audience Wednesday to call out whatever stereotypes came to mind just by looking at him.
When, inevitably, no one did, Shams supplied them himself: "The terrorist. The Bin Laden. The ISIS guy."
Shams, speaking at a Johns Hopkins seminar on American Muslims, challenged everyone to grapple directly with those kind of thoughts rather than flicking them away to the subconscious.


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