Working with Veterans for American Ideals

Last week I had one of the coolest times a Veteran could ask for — spend time with other US Military Veterans! I have to say, much of the credit goes to Retired US Marine Corps LtCol Veteran Scott Cooper who once again brought  together an extraordinary group of Veterans from all branches of service to serve as “Leaders” under Veterans For American Ideals (VFAI). 

The mission has been simple, use our voices as Veterans and our unique platform to bring people together! That’s something I can totally resonate with! But it doesn’t stop there, as “Leaders” with VFAI we work together to fight hate, bigotry and islamaphobia across the Nation. In addition, one of our other missions under VFAI has been to work with legislators on both sides of the aisle to keep the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) front and center staying true to our word and bringing back to the US those Iraqi and Afghani translators who sacrificed there lives working side-by-side with our Armed Forces to support our mission. All in all, it was awesome to have the chance to spend a few days with my fellow Veterans!